Pet Celebration Sessions
If you're reading this, there's a chance that you're going through or about to go through one of the most emotional times you can go through... the loss of your best friend. Growing up with dogs, I've experienced this feeling a few times, and it is hard each and every time.
If there's one thing I wish I had more of, it's more photos of my childhood pets. You can't go back and photograph that one time after it's passed... and you can't photograph them after they've gone.
Whether you have too many (impossible) or too few photos of your pet, it's my absolute pleasure to photograph them where they are right now. I call these Celebration Sessions because that's how I would view them if it was me on the other end of the camera. A celebration of my pet's life and our lives together. A small glimpse into everything they've done for me and my family. The joy and laughter they supplied each time they would walk into the room...
I know this is a really difficult time, and you may be wondering 'when is it the right time for these photos?' This is, of course, up to you. I don't have any specific rules about when these types of sessions are acceptable. Feel free to reach out in advance to get the session on my radar and we can go from there. 
What to Expect
1. Getting to Know You: Once you decide we are a good fit and book your session, you'll be provided with a detailed 'Get To Know You' questionnaire for you and your pet. This will help us determine more specific details for your photo shoot, such as the location, time of day, and urgency of the session.
2. Preparation: Once our location and date are set, you'll receive a preparation email that includes some helpful photoshoot tips for what to (and what not to) wear as well as what to do for your pet to make sure they're as comfortable as possible.
3. The Photoshoot: It's the big day! I could tell you not to be nervous, but I know that doesn't really help. What I will say is that I will guide you and your pet each step of the way. Pets are very unpredictable and I never expect them to behave in a specific way. Safety is my number one priority with my sessions, followed closely by having a genuinely good time and capturing some incredible memories together.
4. Artwork: Expect a gallery to arrive around two weeks after your session where you will be able to view and select your favorite images. At this point, we may also discuss purchasing prints, if you've expressed wanting to do that.
I am happy to discuss ideas to plan your perfect session, so please don't hesitate to reach out. Whether you want photos with or without humans, I am happy to work with you to set up your ideal session. Reach out if you'd like to chat about your pet and your idea for a session.
Sessions start at $225
Details: Each session includes high-resolution and web-resolution images provided via private online gallery, printing rights, and a printing guide.
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